Drama and features for free use by hospital radio stations, audio magazines for the blind and community radio stations.

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"The Wireless Sings" by Tim Wander

On 15 June 1920, the Marconi Company broadcast the world’s first live recital by a professional musician - the legendary Australian diva, Dame Nellie Melba. In a makeshift studio in the company’s factory at Chelmsford, using a microphone created with a telephone mouthpiece and wood from a cigar-box, she opened her half-hour programme with “Home Sweet Home”, and after other popular favourites and several encores, closed with the National Anthem. Her voice, carried from an aerial with towering…

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"Three Plays in 33 Minutes!"

Three short plays by Jill Woods, each one a wry look at the flawed nature of humanity. "A Perfect Match" contrasts an ex-officer's shallow obsession with his village cricket match and a former squaddy's touching tribute to his late wife. There's a shock in store for the old C.O. - if he can tear his mind away from the cricket. Then there's "Hob-Nobbing". Why should Reg's wife be so surprised to see him in the supermarket? Well, for a start he drowned not long ago... And "Wedding Bells" asks…

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"Ninety-Nine ... One Hundred!" by Paul Kirtley

Night-time on a lonely bridge high above a railway track. Two people meet, unintentionally - a woman and a man, each with a desperate and private reason for being there. Earlier that day a body was recovered from the line, the ninety-ninth person to have jumped from the bridge. Who will be the hundredth? Paul Kirtley's play is intelligent, tense, and unexpectedly funny. "Ninety-nine ... One Hundred!" stars Angela Neville and Darren Egan. The play was produced by Angela Howard and recorded…

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